David Turner |Guitar and Lead Vocals

David Turner – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
“Deeply seated in music and burdened with an addictive need for creativity since the 1970’s I studied trombone at a young age. I took up guitar in 7th grade. I spent 20 years teaching music and have produced, engineered, performed, or written over 500 projects. I am eternally grateful to those who have been my teachers in music, life, love and the pursuit of groove, especially my family, loved ones, bandmates, musical inspirations and all I have shared a stage with. A very special thanks to my “Blue Olives” brothers and sister for a lifetime of musical memories and milestones (….and lending us the song “Olive Juice”).”
“The Nothing But Groove players on this project have reopened the door to creativity for me. I love writing and performing with them! They are all amazing. I appreciate each one of them for their musical prowess, creativity, and work ethic. . . . . Much Respect and Gratitude!”